Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's official!

Well, It's happening! We are going to live in Mexico for a year- July 2010-July 2011! The dream of many many years to live abroad with our family is here. The time is now and we are seizing the moment with excitement, wonder, hard work and yes, a little bit of trepidation.

You know the discussion shaped up over last Thanksgiving dinner up in the farmlands of Oregon. We were celebrating at the Fisco's and Amanda and I began talking about taking the littlest kids out of school, (no big deal, right?)saving tuition money and heading to Mexico for a few months. The guys and Tommy would come down once middle school was out. Perfect solution to the wet days of Winter, fulfilling my desire to immerse the kids in a latin culture, explore the idea that we can live quite happily in a foreign culture where we don't speak the language (yet) and live day to day with a adventurous attitude among the warmth of Mexico and it's people. Well, you know once you start dreaming and verbalizing at the same time....inertia implements process!

Todd pondered this "I (Jen) can take the two little ones down..." and didn't want to miss out on an adventure nor split the family up for more than a few weeks. So further date nights led to further discussion about our dreams and desires. "The time is now" was on the tip of both of our tongues. So let's live abroad for a year and leave this summer. By January I was telling everyone who's path I crossed we were going South. Come February, Todd still had to break the news to Mom, Dad and his work! Our styles are opposite, yet intent united.

So that was the beginning. The dream has been given light and nourishment. No longer a passing wish or whispered joke. We will rent out our home for the year, take the dog, leave the cats and chickens, have Sue look after our yard, be the hired house cleaner and we'll go from there. Todd will continue to work via internet and occasional travel. It is amazing what he can accomplish on his laptop with a hookup...The decision is made. Where we would land was the next question.

After reviewing stacks of travel books, .com sites, stories of others adventures we decided to narrow it down to move to the state of Guanajuato where the beautiful colonial towns of San Miguel de Allende and Guanajuato are located. We are leaning toward San Miguel but Guanajuato is still an option. I have been twice to both of these towns and know they are fantastic places to bring one's family. Once I go visit the schools and rental options, I think the answer will be clear.

Spanish classes began in January, I am taking a daily course at Diablo Valley College and loving it although its a boatload of homework. The kids are already learning spanish at school and we have a spanish tutor coming twice a week. It's brain aching to learn a new language!

The boys are mixed about all the hub-bub. Tommy is definitely against the move and thinks it's for the most part a stupid idea. Marky is moody about the concept- happy one moment, grumpy the next and Will? He mirrors the moods of all yet pretty upbeat. As for responses of friends and family.....definitely a mixed bag of "you're CRAZY..." to "that is FABULOUS!" It's all very interesting and reminds us how very alive we are!

We will keep you posted with all the ins and outs of stirring up the pot as we plan our move to Mexico.

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