Sunday, June 20, 2010

2 1/2 weeks till take off!

Wow, I can't believe it's almost here. There is still so much to do before Will, Marky, Dog, three 50lb duffle bags and I get on the plane for Mexico city in 19 days. July 8th departure from SFO.
Packing for MX, packing up our house for renters, donating and purging (the stuff we don't want to unpack later....Oh how rewarding that part is!! I am being ruthless!) injections, directions, bank accounts, telephone, mail, blah blah etc......Lots of stuff to keep track of, organize and cross off the list....more to go. STRESSED??, un poco ;) but if I wasn't I would just be glued to the TV absorbing my favorite sporting event - FIFA World Cup Futbol and enjoying the lazy days of summer.....Now we are just sleep deprived as we catch up on who won today with late night viewing. (Cameroon lost to Denmark today- boo hooo)
Anyway, Tommy and Todd will join us in San Miguel at the end of the month as Tommy is on the all-star baseball team! So the little ones, dog and I are starting our adventure as planned. Yet one glitch is that we have to fly into Mexico City (instead of Leon) which is 4.5 hours south of San Miguel because of our beloved pooch. Non stop SFO to MEX city is only 4+ hours and only the big jets take large pets. So I am in the process of figuring how to finish the last leg of the trip- Bus, van or private car? Price and sanity will be weighed. I just have to keep reminding myself to breathe and I love it when friends drop by and give me a big hug and pull my head out of a box or closet!
The kids? They are humming along with the program and they won't admit it but we see our excitement is rubbing off on them. We ask them to purge their rooms, put aside a few things they want to bring and talk about what it may be like in Mexico and what we may discover. They still like to ask,  "why are we doing this?"  and is it possible to only "go for a little bit?!!" But the concept of riding horses, driving ATVs, riding in the back of a pick up, Vacationing at the beach are all good things.
To sum it up though, I was driving Marky and Will somewhere the other day and they were playing the familiar game of "What would you rather do/be/have?" and one offers up two scenarios like being blind or deaf, Having a pool or a trampoline- you get the idea. Well it unfolded like this... Marky says "Will, would you rather be in California when there is a huge earthquake, trees falling down, buildings crashing on you, dams breaking in Mexico for a year?" Will, pause for seconds while contemplating.....finally he said with with an exaggerated sigh, "live in Mexico" I of course laughed and laughed and considered it progress.

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  1. Hi Hensleys - Thanks so much for having us over yesterday. The girls were tuckered out after being in your pool for so long.
    I found your blog! And I'll be reading up on all your adventures for the year. Good luck and we can't wait to see you next summer :)

    Leslie, Randy, Charlotte, Julia, (Austin)