Sunday, September 5, 2010

Singing through the wee hours

It's been dark for hours, the fireworks have come and gone, come and gone and come again. Laying in bed, I listen to Mexicans partying somewhere close by as  I can hear numerous voices singing in unison. Songs unfamiliar to me, yet clearly national favorites. I want to absorb more or catch of glimpse of something: What am I missing out on?....Pulling on my white cozy robe and sheepskin slippers I tiptoe through our dimly lit garden and up the narrow stucco and tile stairs to our terrazza where the sky is a mixture of clouds holding onto the city glow and the open darkness where stars twinkle. Looking over San Miguel (a favorite spot in the house) La Parroquia is completely dark so I know it's late. The singing becomes clearer as it floats over the treetops and houses. It sounds like families- definitely a mixture of sweet and low tones. Is it a wedding, birthday or just friends gathering? The wind is soft and warm. My family is all sleeping soundly and I cherish this magical connection to the greater whole. Just a few minutes is all it takes before I come down again and  wonder whether a cup of tea will help me get back to sleep.  The clock blinks 3:20am. No tea, I am too drowsy.  Thoughts of my sister enter my mind and I send her a little prayer. Time to go back to bed. For the moment, it's all quiet again.

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  1. Dear Jen,
    Sleep well. Love to you and all your boys.