Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ya febrero?

8 months logged in Mexico. 5 months since I have blogged. Hmmmm time to do some catch up on some major experiences that are embedded in our grey matter. Pictures are best and I promised myself to do less writing. I still pinch myself and can't believe that we are here...It is SO COOL!!
And yes Andy....Amazing, AMAZING!!!!
Classic shot of resting mariachis on a slow weekday night in the jardin....getting a kick out of Jim Carrey's Liar Liar.

"Alborada" means dawn- which is the time that this fantastic parade begins...we partied all night, nourished ourselves with greasy street burgers (hamburguesas grasas) and continued til the wee hours with all the other borrachos (drunks) dodging cohetes and fuegos (fireworks) that were shot into the crowd...Crazy fun night. Our friend Sam received a black burn hole through his sleeve and  deep into his arm while Tom wrestled to the ground a young dude who stole his camera....Not proud, but definitely story worthy!

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