Thursday, March 3, 2011

Indie y Pipo a la playa

The beginning of young love: Deserted beaches,  playing fetch at sunset, Indie away on vacation with the MacDonald family and Mommy and Daddy 1000 miles away.....And the boy in the next palapa; Don Pipo de Guanajuato, a handsome but typical Mexican Mutt who only had eyes for our California Girl. Noses touched, slimy tennis balls shared and daily swims in the sea....It was love without language issues, green card conversations or cultural blips. A blissful week for Indie indeed, yet it ended too soon with an  uncomfortable meeting of the padres."SHE WHAT??? WITH WHO?????
We need to meet the parents!"

 March 1st: Eight weeks passed and Indie was a bit depressed wondering why she has doubled in size? Where did her svelte figure and explosive energy go? She lays on the couch dreaming of days on the beach. Her peeps are busy constructing a oblong box and keep calling her to come look....what's the big deal? It's not round and much too large to retrieve....nor is it edible. (side note: mommy has been super sweet and feeding her tons of food, humming something like "eating for nine")

Well, March 2nd rolls around and Indie acts very strange as she consistently checks out what it's like under mommy and daddy's bed or how it feels to lay in mommy's closet despite the 30 pairs of shoes. Her peeps keep commanding her to come lay in the stupid box..... Five hours later the world is a very different place for her. She has birthed 7 darling puppies yet one sweet, helpless pup wasn't meant to be.

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