Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Una sorpresa para mi cumpleanos!!

Kung Fu Kata and Miguel (Birthday Boy too!) Antes de un gran fiesta! I thought we were going to an intimate dinner after sunset drinks at The Rosewood and was already super thrilled- New jewelry from my favorite Virgins, Saints and Angels from Pablo- mi novio!
45 is a big number if it's the amount of cookies you ate....Not so much if it's the year you are turning despite the hazing and " abuelita vieja, "  (old little grandma) comments I have received of late. But I dish it out plenty so I suppose I just need to smile and take it....Which is just fine....Especially when blissing out in a crowd of  gorgeous men!

So my darling Pablo (aka Todd) who has his finger on my pulse thought it would be grand if he threw me a surprise party as a few other San Miguel friends also are blessed Aquarians. "In style" is all I have to say- 10 piece Mariachi Band that hiked over from the Jardin and knocked out with all their hearts some fabulous Mexican Ballads and a tasty TACO stand complete with Mama, Papa and nino running it-Dancing tunes after the mariachi thanks to Sam, All of our kids running everywhere, having a ball and Homemade Desserts thanks to Monica and her sister (the other birthday girl) and loving friends and family to pull it all off!! It was such a special birthday- I will never forget it. Thanks sweety and everyone who was there!
Jorge belting out a mexican cancion filled with passion, no? Check out that 10 piece band, que padre, eh?
One of my favorite Trios....or should I say Trias? Ann, Janan and Mary who helped make the party a ton of fun!!!

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  1. You told me about this ... but oh how beautiful to see the photographs. You are very blessed, Jen, but then you know that. Happy Birthday Dear One! Donna