Sunday, August 21, 2011

Higos Frescos

Kerry and I were walking down Ancha de San Antonio, the busiest, dirtiest street in San Miguel. It's the main artery in and out of the city. We were on our way to the Papeleria with our "lista utiles" which is the supply list for the kids first day of school. Originally I expected to do this task with Marky and Will by my side to teach them how to prepare, organize and get ready for their first day of school again here in Mexico. But when Kerry stopped by to say hello with Mac, her 9 year old son who had been stuck hanging out with his mom for two weeks before we all arrived, I caved. How much easier would it be to leave all three boys at home and walk down a few blocks with my delightful friend. Overall a much more pleasant experience for both parties, so out the window went the "lesson on preparation" O'well.

We stepped out my enormous wooden front door and off we went. As we were catching up on what had happened to each of us over the summer such as loving our time with loved ones, too much eating (there was a lot of food types we adore back home such as sushi, sourdough bread, lobster etc), driving a ton and dealing with road rage (we have become a bit too laid back in Mexico and obviously pissing off US drivers left and right) when we were suddenly interrupted by this ancient Mexican man with a tattered bag filled with something he was peddling. His mumbled opening sales pitch was lost on me. Kerry immediately replied, "No hoy senor, gracias" while I peered into his crumpled brown bag and saw a bunch of sumptuous figs- dark, juicy with a delicious aroma. "Ooh, wait a minute, these look pretty perfect." He said, "Cincuenta (50) pesos senora, un buen precio". It was too much, not the pesos but the figs as I knew I was the only one in the family who would eat them. I replied,"Media bolsa senor, 25 pesos" (half the bag). I had my own bag ready and open while he piled in 1/2 and then continued while I protested but he would have none of it....I sighed, then laughed as we agreed on 40 pesos for all. Both finished the transaction pleased and hands down, they are the best higos frescos I have ever had in my life. It's these snippets, these quick unexpected moments in time that stick with me and what this journey is all about. And of course, I am happily consuming all of these luscious "higos"- by myself.


  1. Hey Jen,I love, love, love fresh figs.
    Great seeing you at Hendersen's party! Why are you not blogging more?? Like how did you come to the decision to stay another year? Would love to know... :)

    I'm blogging too:

  2. I heard you were 'home'. Welcome. FIGS! Now I will have to be on the hunt. YUM. xxDonna

  3. yes, Jen! Thought you'd be home but you are there another year. Hugs to the boys, especially to Will from Miles and Teo. More updates, por favor!!