Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Estoy echando la flojera

Well, I have gotten a few needles from friends and family....We stink at blogging frequently. The pressure is mounting and I say manaña. (It is now officially an "I" statement as I have had ZERO input from the boys. I have the needle too, but it's wicked blunt.)
So I say, as Mexicans do, "Estoy echando la flojera" which literally translates to "I am throwing out the laziness" and this is a valid and accepted statement with little or no judgement attached, but it usually elicits a chuckle and knowing smile. If you are invited to a friends party and you want to go, but your legs are too heavy to carry you out the front door, or your head is rested too comfortably on your pillow while watching a telenovela (soap opera), you just say "aahhh, lo siento amigos, estamos echando la flojera, a lo mejor, nos vemos manaña". (So sorry, We're not coming but see you tomorrow). This is what makes this country awesome and lame. For now, I am loving it and you can make whatever judgements you like. I am just throwing out the laziness.

None the less, I am eager to post a few pics of recent. Tony and Julie Hensley visited us (first time from the Hensley side!) and we believe they were charmed and hooked on San Miguel. YEAH! Julie has a stellar camera, Todd left ours somewhere like on top of the car and I rely on my Iphone. So thanks to her, I have some sweet shots of Dias De Los Muertos Nov 1-2 2011 and the less than stellar Halloween experience.

Nov 1 Dias de los muertos. El Jardin.

Can you see our boys watching from the fence?

Children Play, Dancers Pose.

Los muertos caminando/ The walking dead.

The boys on OCT 31. Our ofrenda at home.

No Reeses, but we got Tamarind Chile on a plastic spoon!


  1. I am thinking of relocating to San Miguel with my teenaged daughter and your blog has been inspirational! Would you mind sharing your impressions of the Vic high school? You can contact me directly at


    1. Vic's has been a terrific experience. It's a international school that works with a lot of people from all over the world. It's small, nurturing and the teachers are fantastic. I highly recommend it and there is nothing else like it in town. Note that it is alternative style and more like a small private school in the states but a bit more laid back.