Thursday, May 31, 2012

Change approaching

There is a lighting storm north of San Miguel. Even though the warm high plateau winds blow the thunder north I can still revel in the blasts across the sky that light up the heavens. Below my reclined perch is the twinkling lights of this magical city. Golden yellows and solar lit blues punctuated by the occasional bright white lights of life below remind me of the pin poked tin lanterns sold at the corner tienda of Calle Canal. The  moon is the glowing keeper of all, quietly shrouded behind clouds watching as the jet black silhouette of the palm trees sweep the sky. I soak it all in....I try to soak it all in. Sounds of bamboo wind chimes, clanging steel glass windows and crickets fill the night air. Church bells chime and fall silent. One dog barks, then another until there is a cacophony of canines for a few minutes until they too get tired and take a short break.

Our two years abroad are coming to an end in July and I feel melancholic yet simultaneously excited to go home to California. We have created another life down here full of colorful friends, crazy experiences and better understanding of our southern neighbors. I really won't ever leave this place of beauty and sweetness draped over pain and suffering. Mexico's pulse and blood, thoughts and values have gripped my heart and one can't help but to fall in love.

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